Not having a comprehensive Water Treatment program for your “open recirculating” and “closed recirculating” systems will cost you extensively in the long run. Having calcification (or organic corrosion, mineral deposition) will increase your energy consumption and significantly reduce the lifespan of the equipment. By implementing a qualified program you can sleep well at night knowing you are decreasing your long-term capital expenditures as well as keeping interim energy costs to a minimum.

Here in Arizona we have a significant challenge with our water. We have one of the highest calcium hardness concentrations in the world. This is in addition to extremely high salt (chlorides) concentration. This accelerates corrosion thus giving us a dual challenge.

Evapco equipment on the roof of Phoenix Country Club

Boiler Treatment Programs

  • Chemicals to Control Scale and Corrosion
  • Pre-Treatment Equipment
  • Proportional Chemical Fee Systems and Blowdown Control Systems
  • Consulting Service and In-Field Backup

Cooling Water Treatment Programs

  • Organic Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
  • Anti-Foulants and Dispersants
  • pH Control Agents
  • Full-Range of Micro Biocides
  • Proportional Chemical Feed Systems and Bleed-Off Control Systems
  • Consulting and In-Field Backup
Marley unit
Female and male scientists examining a molecular model in a lab setting

Laboratory Services

  • Complete System Water Analysis
  • Corrosion and Microbiological Analysis
  • Scale and Deposit Analysis
  • Reagent / Test Kit Supply

Water Treatment Equipment

  • Softeners and Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis, De-Ionization
  • Monitoring and Proportional Control Systems
Carrier centrifugal
Technician with water testing equipment

Specialized Applications

  • Chemical Cleansing of Closed Systems
  • Chemical Cleansing of Open Systems
  • Passivation of Newly Installed Equipment (for the prevention of White Rust)

Neglect leads to large capital expenditures!

The sky's the limit!

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